Tools of the Trade

What are the tools you use on a regular basis that you just can't live without?

Red, Precise V7 Pilot, Roller ball pen. It’s what I do….

Pin Up Space

What are you working on and/ or what are you really excited about working on?

Working on Anaheim Central Kitchen. These projects BIG KITCHENS are some of my favorite kinds of projects because they incorporate incredible amounts of ”Way-Technical” gear. There is nothing I like more than projects with “Way-Technical” gear! Big kitchens, Big maintenance facilities, fuel, gas, power, fluids, compressed air, food chillers, freezers, automatic door!!!! Woot Woot!

Drawing inspiration from….

You’d probably not be surprised to hear that I like to read about technical building. Magazines like Fine Home Building, the granger catalog, historical tomes on dry laid stone walls, “Parkitecture” with the gritty details of how to cut wood, stone and how to join elements are irresistible to me. I get sucked into “How To” building shows on TV. When I need my batteries re-charged I like to be in a remote place of beauty and balance somewhere in the Southwest. I enjoy travel with time to draw ( with pencils). I get inspiration by new places. I like to see if I can re-capture the vibe of a specific place or time.

Finish this sentence:

“I couldn’t live without...

Coffee! It is the single biggest joy of every morning. Good coffee makes the whole rest of the day livable. Second place is Music. Third place is pets. Life just wouldn’t be balanced without those things. Ok, next is family, friends and the rest of that Maslow’s Hierarchical stuff.

5 Quick Fire Questions

1. Desk: messy or clean?

MUST be messy

2. Notes: digital or analog?

Hand written…in Jess-speak

3. Pencil or pen?

Yes! absolutely with crayon and watercolor too. There is no “or” just and and and.

4. Coffee or tea?

Both, black no sugar

5. Early mornings or late nights?

Early mornings! Late nights… not so much. Open windows at dawn, wake to bird song–with coffee- is bliss.