The XQ Super School Project, an ideas competition sponsored by The Emerson Collective, led by Laurene Powell Jobs, seeks to rethink high school education in America. Participants are challenged to design a new approach to high school education that better suits the needs of 21st century students. The aim is to research, design and implement transformative ideas that will have real impacts on student achievement.

As Architects with a strong focus on Education, Ruhnau Clarke Architects is immersed in the design of educational environments every day. We approached this challenge openly, asking "if limited only by our ideas, what could we come up with?"

Though finalists, who move onto the development stage to compete for the $50 Million sponsorship money, won't be selected until April; we can put our research and ideas to use in inspiring our everyday work.

In this series we present our research and design concepts as thought starters to developing a new vision for what high school education might look- simply called REVERB.

Series 1: Discover Students in the 21st Century, Youth Experience and Aspirations, The Science of Adolescent Learning

Students in the 21st Century