At Ruhnau Clarke Architects our employees are our greatest asset. Investing in their professional development allows us to cultivate talent and knowledge that ultimately improves the quality of service we offer our clients. With IDP Tracking and Assistance, Licensing Exam Study Sessions, Skills Development Workshops, and Online Software Training, employees are able to develop their professional skill sets for the future.

Skills Development Workshops

As a firm we are dedicated to helping our employees succeed. Building skills and knowledge that will help them do that, as well as improve the quality of service to our clients, is vitally important to long term success.

Skills Development workshops led by Project Managers and Firm leaders focus on best practices and building skills in all areas of design and construction. Additionally, employees have the opportunity to guide the focus of these workshops. Their input in identifying what skills they would like to develop help leaders to tailor their lessons to fit the specific needs of team members. 

Intern Development Program (IDP) Assistance

Ruhnau Clarke Architects supports the Intern Development Program (IDP) to train and develop competent architects who are prepared to practice architecture upon registration. By offering opportunities for those in the IDP program to gain experience in all areas of the firm’s practice and assisting with tracking progress, we aim to help employees gain meaningful experience and further their professional careers.

Licensing Exam Study Sessions

We support any and every effort of our employees to obtain professional Architecture Licensing. Peer group study sessions offer an opportunity to collaborate with co-workers and learn from a variety of experiences and skill levels.

Online Software Training

Adobe Creative Cloud
We support our team’s creativity in every way possible. With Adobe Creative Cloud team members have access to the most up to date Adobe Creative applications and an abundant tutorial library offered through Creative Cloud.