highlighting ruhnau ruhnau Clarke's talented & creative employees.



Andrew Vanni


Andrew Vanni is a member of local band, Adventurist. He joined Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke in 2016.



Jennifer Nguyen

Fun & lighthearted watercolors

Jennifer Nguyen is a freelance WATERCOLORIST of small animals and big ideas! She joined Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke as a drafter in 2015 and has since become a designer for some of our most colorful projects. 


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Josh Sanabria

Simple apps to enhance life

Josh Sanabria is an app developer of simple iOS apps that solve specific challenges and solve them quickly. He joined Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke as a project coordinator in 2015 and became the Innovation Lab Director in 2016. 

 "Elevator Estimator" by Josh Sanabria

"Elevator Estimator" by Josh Sanabria

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Elevator Estimator
Estimate your next project in under 60 seconds.

A fast & beautiful way to create audio & text memos.

Create goals and get help overcoming addiction.