XPLORE is a personal journey in the pursuit of growth and exploration. Giving winning participants the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world, XPLORE encourages individuals to create an experience that connects them to a wider span of influence and share that experience with colleagues. The resulting personal growth and creative renewal is reflected in their lives and their work and serves to enrich them as a whole. If given the time and money, where would your destination take you?


2018 Submissions

Purls of Wisdom

Australia | 201803

Going Home, Saying Goodbye

Zimbabwe | 201807

Helping the Children

Thailand | 201805

The Last Dive

Jeju Island, South Korea | 201817


The Uros Islands, Lake Titicaca, Peru | 201821

Building Hope

Nicaragua | 201809

The Taste of Soul

Greece | 201816

Foster Care Systems

United States vs. Japan | 201824