FEATURED PROJECT: Oceanside New District Services Office


Transforming Communities

The foundation of our projects is deeply rooted in our mission: to transform communities. Our mission guides the impactful work we do and beautiful projects we create.

Our team is devoted in creating more than four walls. We believe, as our founder, that Architecture is for everyone. Our responsibility as architects and designers is to create environments that allow each of its users the best space to learn, teach, heal, and transform their lives. By empowering each individual user of our buildings, we believe that they leave better equipped to transform their surrounding community than when they first stepped in.

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Diversity matters to us. We are proud of our team of culturally varied individuals who come from dozens of countries around the world. We celebrate our differences through ”Around the World” luncheons where we explore cultures, food, and ideas from our team members’ countries of origin as a way to learn about each other and celebrate the different perspectives we each bring.

Our focus is always on maximizing the individual talents from every part of the firm to the betterment of ourselves and our client projects. To us, diversity is best embraced by our commitment to offer, hear and incorporate our team members’ varied perspectives into our projects, our firm culture and our shared communities.

Our mural is composed of various portraits to celebrate our multi-cultural society of all people, colors, identities, beliefs, and groups. Woven together in a single contour line, it is also to remind the people that we can always stand together in unison as we remain interconnected to each other through our differences.

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Designed by Ruhnau Clarke Architects  |  Painted by Muralist Geoff Gouveia


At the heart of our practice, we are about people- people who are transforming communities together. This perspective drives our lively open studio environment that guides our firm’s culture. We are continuously drawing on each person’s unique passion, perspective, and talent to create beautiful designs.


Our employees are our greatest asset. We believe that we are able to serve our community better because of our diverse team. Our projects are reflective of our backgrounds that have shaped our individual, unique perspectives.