Pacific High School Diesel Technology Center
San Bernardino, CA


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San Bernardino City Unified School District


The Diesel Technology Center at Pacific High School is designed to provide a certified program for comprehensive training in diesel mechanics, engine systems and diagnostics, brakes, suspension, electrical systems, diesel computer systems, and heavy-duty truck systems. It is envisioned that students will almost immediately be able to move directly into industry jobs or advanced training at higher education facilities.

Due to the specialized nature and requirements for high bay space as a part of this program, existing buildings were not suitable to house the new Diesel Technology program. The project envisions a new facility to replace existing buildings in this area that consist of underutilized and aging shop facilities that had minimal use and could not accommodate the vehicles or the high-tech capabilities of a modern diesel technology program. The decision was made to design and build a new facility that aligns with the curriculum.

The scope of this project is centered around creating 2 hands-on high bay vehicle diagnostics spaces where engine diagnostics, brakes, computer and electrical systems learning could occur. These 2 laboratory spaces are supported by 2 lecture/direct instruction classrooms where the introduction to diesel engines and technology will occur. In addition, a space is provided for diesel computer and diagnostics, working in tandem with the practical application space. Finally, provided in the space is a design technology lab/classroom and a supporting system testing and fabrication facility. These 6 classroom spaces make up the backbone of the program to provide a variety of instruction spaces and the capability for the program to explore new technologies in the future, as well as for students to learn about and conduct research on emerging technologies.



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