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San Bernardino, CA


New Construction
Phase: In Construction


San Bernardino City Unified School District


Welcoming Resource Center San Bernardino, CA STATS Project Type: New Construction Phase: In Construction The new Welcoming Resource Center in the San Bernardino Unified School District reflects the district's dedication to assisting parents and students in accessing academic and wellness resources conveniently. This centralized facility realizes the vision of numerous family advocates who advocated for streamlined enrollment processes for parents with children in various schools. Their efforts led to the establishment of parent workshops, student vaccinations, counseling services, and academic support under one roof.

The center serves as a one-stop destination, alleviating the burden on busy parents who previously had to visit multiple schools across town for enrollment. Additionally, it offers access to medical services, student immunizations, and mental health and wellness support.

Furthermore, parents will find enhanced opportunities for enrolling their high-achieving students in appropriate programs, including the district's many magnet schools. All necessary testing for program admission can now be conducted at the new Resource Center. Beyond its functionality and architectural appeal, what truly stands out is the funding mechanism behind this initiative. Voters, demonstrating their commitment to student welfare, have contributed to this project through a portion of their property taxes.

District Superintendent, Mauricio Arellano, views the Welcoming Resource Center as a beacon of hope and opportunity for families, community development, and access to essential resources. He emphasized its significance, stating, “This project underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive support and resources to empower every student and family in San Bernardino and Highland. We are also thrilled to contribute to the revitalization of our downtown area.”

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